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Former ICC Prosecutor Moreno-Ocampo, Front Man For The Empire | #Libya #Gaddafi #Saif #Ocampo #ICC #Assad #Syria

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”(…) This is not the first time that Mr. Ocampo has played the role of front man for the US empire. In fact, in every instance during the last nine years when the ICC, under his leadership, became involved with political leaders, the leaders indicted were always African and at odds with the foreign policy goals of the USA. Among them were Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, and his son, Saif. It should be noted that the USA has not accepted the jurisdiction of the the court over its citizens. In other words, the ICC is a one-way street along which the racist and neo-colonial goals of US foreign policy are driven in Africa, but the crimes of racism and neo-colonialism go unpunished.

During his nine years in office, however, Ocampo was not very successful as a prosecutor. Twenty-nine Africans were indicted but only one was convicted and not on the original charges contained in the indictment.2 Ocampo was also ridiculous for announcing that he was taking his lead from US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, and launching an investigation into the outrageous slander that the Gaddafi government of Libya was distributing Viagara to soldiers loyal to the state in order to promote mass rapes of women civilians.3 (…) “

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